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The Sterilization Supply Center is a supplier of various aseptic articles in the hospital. It is responsible for the cleaning, packaging, disinfection and supply of medical equipment. Modern hospitals offer a wide variety of products, covering a wide range of departments, using fast turnover, and each job is related to the quality of medical treatment, teaching, and research. If the disinfection is not complete, it will cause a hospital-wide infection, and the incomplete supply of supplies may affect the diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the supply room, and it is also an indispensable part of the hospital's work. Reasonable layout, in line with the supply process, clearly defined responsibilities, and well-established systems are the prerequisites for ensuring supply quality.

ROOE offers a variety of sterilization equipment, including: YG Pulse Vacuum steam sterilizer, table top steam sterilizer, vertical steam sterilizer, horizontal steam sterilizer, portable steam sterilizer,water distiller, plasma sterilizer, washer disinfector, epoxyethane sterilizer and food sterilizer, which fully meets the customers’ need for sterilization. Infection control products have received a lot of praise from customers over the years.