When the disease occurs in the bone, it is often a very good effect by surgical treatment, so orthopedic surgical instrument has become a very important part, ensuring that overall surgery is very smooth, and it is really a very good device.
The orthopedic table attachment is an orthopedic table attachment for any orthopedic table.
Orthopedic traction is a common treatment in orthopedics. The head Skull product assists in the implementation of traction and improves the traction effect. Orthopedic traction frame features orthopedic Traction Frame products include joint fixers, perineum posts, extension bars, retractors, foot fixers, side guides, support posts, steering joints, frame, traction foot, traction foot universal clamps.
Orthopedic traction frame may be used as a temporary measure or treatment recommendation. The main benefits of Hip/leg traction are:
Fixation of joints or bones
Reduce or readjust dislocations and fractures
Prevent and reduce muscle spasms
Relieve stress and pain
Soothes the spine
Improve patient comfort until treatment is decided

Orthopedic Traction Frame