EA-8FPN Electric/Manaul Stair Crawler Wheelchair Stair Climbing Truck EA-8FPN Electric/Manaul Stair Crawler Wheelchair Stair Climbing Truck

Battery Powered Stair Evacuation Chair is ideal for emergency evacuation during fires or power outages. Electric powered unit significantly minimizes caregiver injury by replacing manual lifting with electric operation. Ideal for medical facilities, multi-story commercial and residential buildings, fire and EMS vehicles.

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Electric/Manaul Stair Crawler Wheelchair Stair Climbing Truck Features:

1. Offer heavy-duty suspension and roomier seats for better transfers and comfort.

2. Backrest adjusting rod, divided into four adjustment, easy to use.

3. Detachable battery case for easy charging

4. Manual brakes on both sides to improve safety.

5. Soft seat and backrest can be disassembled and washed.

6. Four wheels are strong and wear resistant.

7. Cross-strap belt buckle with adjustable tightness.

Wheelchair mode:

1. The wheelchair is equipped with dual operation: manual and electric modes

2. You can operate the wheelchair using only the joystick, without using your hands and arms.

3. The joystick can optionally be fixed on both sides of the electric wheelchair

4. Functions include: power switch, horn, acceleration, deceleration, 360° operating lever.

5. Realize manual and electric mode conversion with clutch.

Climbing mode:

1. The crawler is controlled by air spring. It can be folded up by simply supporting the chair and gently stepping on it  with your foot.

2. Electric lift, anti-slip track system and convenient control panel, easy to complete the up and down work.

3. Provide a control panel to switch "upstairs", "downstairs", "Power on/off", and night light.

4. It can be safely parked on stairs without slipping and leaning.

5. Retractable anti-tipping casters improve safety.

6. Easy to fold, just need to pull the folding rod under the seat forward to fold.

7. Suitable for home, hospital, first aid center, fire, emergency ambulance, etc.


vest belt, lithium battery, wrench set, spongy cushion
Dust cover, Wall bracket

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