USKX5200V Full-digital B Mode Animal Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Ultrasound For Swine Cattle USKX5200V Full-digital B Mode Animal Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Ultrasound For Swine Cattle

USKX5200V Full digital B mode Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner designed widely for diagnosing of pregnancy, fertility and disease on bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine, llama and other animals.

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USKX5200V Full-digital B Mode Animal Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Ultrasound For Swine Cattle


USKX5200V Full digital B mode Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner designed widely for diagnosing of pregnancy, fertility and disease on bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine, llama and other animals. 


1.Wrist design: truely innovative.        

2.Smart and light : 5.7" high resolution color LCD , 1.1kg weight.        

3.No fan:  Avoid cross-infection for virus.        

4.2 pcs Internal li-battery:  work for 5 hours.        

5.USB port: directly store image to U disk.        

6.Gridding calculate: quick measure by eye.        

7.Accessory: a lot of optional parts for customer different use habit.        


Screen display:5.7’’high resolution color TFT LCD                            

Probe model:electronic convex and linear                            

Elements of probe:80                            

Standard probe:6.5MHz multi-frequency linear rectal probe; frequency range:4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5 MHz                            

Optional probe:4.0MHz multi-frequency convex rectal probe; frequency range:2.0/2.5/4.0/5.0 MHz                            

Optional probe:3.5MHz multi-frequency convex probe; frequency range:2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz                            

Optional probe: 6.5MHz multi-frequency intra-cavity probe 6.5 MHz;frequency range:4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5 MHz                            

Optional probe:7.5 multi-high frequency linear probe;frequency range:5.5/6.5/7.5/9.0 MHz                            

Optional probe:6.5MHz multi-micro convex probe; frequency range:5.0/6.5/7.5/9.0MHz)                            

Scanning angle: convex probe: 60°,intra-cavity probe:135°                            

Body marks:1.bovine    3.equine    5.cadioloy,  total 22 kinds                            

Probe connector: 1 pc,automatic identifying function                            

Receiving channel:≥16 digital beam former                                                        


Dead Zone: ≤5mm                            

Maxim scanning depth:≥190cm(according to the probe)                            

Geometric position accuracy:horizontal≤5%,Vertical≤5%                            

Scanning mode:B,2B,4B ,B/M,M                            

Full field image with 8 lever adjustment(8 kinds Magnification)                            

Gain range:general gain continuously adjustment(0~127dB)                            

Dynamic range:27~90dB,video adjustable                            

4 kinds angles /width adjustment                            

Gray: 256                            

Imaging technology: full digital beam forming,continuously dynamic adjustment focusing,Dynamic aperture                            

Image storage:100 frames permanent storage,                            

Cine loop:256 frames                            

Intelligent TGC control: near-field and far-field adjustment.                            

Imaging processing:pre-processing(continuous dynamic focusing,dynamic aperture,dynamic filtering),post-processing(4 gamma correction),correlation processing(4 levers),Left/right, positive/negative, vertical, horizontal flip and B/W conversion, edge enhancement (4),etc..                            

With the image enhance the depth and the local amplification                            

Wire switch realize the freezing and unfreezing                            

Frame rate:30 frames/second.                            


Normal measurement:distance,Perimeter, area (tracing method, ellipse method), volume, etc..                            

OB measurement:Cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels and sheep and pre-gestational age birth.                            

Heart of conventional measurements: depth, slope, heart rate, period                            

Report: OB report;                            

Character Tags: name, age, hospital name, and automatically display the date, time, probe type, probe frequency, frame related to the number of the focus number, gain, dynamic range, etc.                            

Battery:Bulk(2400MAh),Large capacity lithium Battery, more than 200 minutes work                            

Weight of main unit:1.1Kg                            

Interface language:English                            

Optional mouse                            

Puncture and guide functionality(Puncture and guide wire 2 can be calibrated,angel and position are adjustable)                            

Positioning line                            

High-speed USB-A port: Supporting Large-capacity disk and mouse U                            

High-speed USB-Bport: could transfer image( “case report software V3.1”software)                            

Dual-mode output:PAL/NTSC                            


Power:85V~242V,48~62Hz(Wide Power Supply ability)                            

With green energy-saving function                            

Built-in pseudo-color (eight kinds)                            

Print Output: Optional Video Recorder                            

Battery, battery Charger, apparatus, strap, bracket.                            


Standard configuration:        





Main Unit                            

1 unit        


6.5MHz linear rectal probe                            

1 pc         


Internal battery                            

2 pcs         



1 unit 


 Neck belt                            

2 pcs    


Wrist Bandage                            

1 pc      





Handle freeze switch                            

1 set    


The Oxhide Case                            

1 unit    


Optional Configuration: 




7.5MHz High Frequency liner probe (Multi Frequency)                            

6.5MHz intra-cavity probe (multi frequency)                            

5.0MHz pediatrics micro-convex probe (multi frequency)                            

3.5MHz cardiac micro convex probe (Multi frequency)                            

4.0Mhz convex rectal Probe  (Multi frequency)                            


Video Print P93W-S                            




Plastic Stuffing box                            


Software of case report process center